Nancy O'Hearn 

With over forty years in the field, Nancy is the owner and executive designer of Events LLC. Her expertise has taken her everywhere from Hawaii to Florida, with countless venues in-between. She’s produced trade shows for large corporations such as SYSCO, headed the redecoration of the Kentucky Governor's Mansion, and coordinated high-profile events such as the annual Barnstable Brown Derby Gala. Her ability to accomplish multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment is outstanding, and she has a rare capacity to pilot even the largest projects from inception to completion. Her greatest joy is when her client says "Wow!"

Nancy works hard to ensure that Events is consistently on the edge of our industry’s most contemporary ideas. She and the rest of our staff continue their education and help to determine new trends at the yearly Special Events Convention, and her decision to settle in Louisville, Kentucky, has given us a location central to all parts of the country. 

Nancy is the glue that holds us all together; she is the force that keeps us motivated and loving the work we do. Her positive outlook and "we can do anything" attitude rub off on everyone around her, and she is truly what makes our company one-of-a-kind. 


Brad Volsted

Our COO and Executive Designer, Brad has over twenty years of experience in virtually every aspect of the event industry. He loves to take an empty facility and layer décor to create the atmosphere our client has envisioned. Under Brad's managerial expertise, Events has grown throughout the years into the hard-working and efficient team we are today. 



Melissa Cruz

Our financial officer and CEO, Missy's data management, budget, and inventory skills are the backbone of our company. Having spent over fifteen years with Events, she is seen as the heart of the organization. Missy's excellent design sensibility and love for elegant affairs keeps her as an instrumental voice in our wedding conceptualizations.




Beverly Bradford

Beverly is our receptionist extraordinaire. Her longevity in the field allows her to analyze each client's individual needs and match them with our in-house experts. She is the welcoming smile when you enter our facility and the qualified voice who handles your calls and messages. Beverly knows our thousands of inventory items by heart (no easy task!) and acts as the head of our rental division.  


David Williams

Our in-house florist, David owns Magnolia's Floral Shop and operates at the Story Avenue address. We are so lucky to consider ourselves a "one-stop shop" thanks to David's exquisite designs for our weddings, galas, and more. His talents and trendsetting ideas are well known in the area.

3 designers.png

Sara Ortego, Jeff Sallows & Savion Duke

Our designers innovative ideas and attention to detail keep our events outstanding. Their adaptability allows Events LLC to embrace new techniques and the latest styles, assuring our ability to create entirely unique event memories for our clients. Our dynamic designers take your vision and turn it into a reality. 



Yessyn Tovar & Irene Chavez

Our linen department is responsible for creating and maintaining our magnificent array of drapes, tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, chair ties and skirting, as well as table runners, banners, flags, and costumes. Their department launders and hand-irons each piece of our linen inventory with care and work hard to keep each of our materials vibrant and of the highest quality.  


crew 4.png

Aaron Castillo, Paul Miller & Rick Barr

Aaron, Paul and Rick lead the creation and fulfillment of our design ideas and events. They use their creative energies to take our renderings and turn them into magical themes and decor. Their diligence and time management are unparalleled. We are constantly stunned by the brilliance of their installations; they are true artists and we are proud to call them our own. 

Aaron, Paul & Rick are charged with having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. Their roles are crucial to the success of each of our events and our daily operations. Their high standard of organization allows us to quickly pull, stage, and load all items necessary for both rental and full production affairs. This talented team also coordinate all loading and movements of trucks between our two warehouses. They are truly our master of detail. 

And our trusty fleet: 

"Simon", "Wilson", and "Abby".